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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is Calibration?

A- Calibration is the act of direct or comparison measurement to insure the specified value of a measured parameter.

Q- What is direct measurement?

A- Direct measurement is measuring any parameter/or (s) of the device under test with an instrument that provides an actual numerical value for the measurement taken.

Q- What is comparison measurement?

A- Comparison measurement is using an instrument or gage of a known value to compare it physically, mechanically, electronically or digitally against a specified parameter of the device under test.

Q- What is the ISO/IEC 17025 specification?

A- It is the international specification that sets forth the requirements which must be met to insure the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Q- What is Accreditation to the specification?

A- Accreditation is the ultimate goal sought after by each laboratory. Accredited means that the quality calibration system has been audited by a registrar and found compliant with the elements of the specification, thus assuring client confidence through accuracy of measurements, traceability of standards, measurements and documents, and consistency of the total calibration service.

Q- What does this Accreditation do for me.

A- It assures each client that the laboratory providing the service has the proper resources to do the work, knows the uncertainty value of each measurement, uses traceable standards and equipment, has written calibration procedures and work instructions for each item, maintains recall for subsequent calibration, provides labeling of each item for traceability, maintains empirical and historical data for each tool or gauge, maintains resource and educational materials, and provides each client with an individual item calibration data certificate. It also reduces the cost of client supplier audit surveillance due to the fact that the registrar schedules periodic audits of each certificate holder to insure long-term compliance.

Q- How do I know if the laboratory is accredited or registered

A- An accredited laboratory will be very pleased to provide each client with a copy of the actual signed certificate of accreditation with the accreditation number and the laboratory's "scope of calibration" as assigned by the registrar.

Q- What is the difference between Accredited and Registered?

A- You may only use the term registered if you are actually registered to the provisions as set forth in the ISO-9000 series. Accreditation is the term used for acceptance to a specific portion of the ISO-9000 regulation. Calibration services are a specific portion of the entire ISO specification. These activities are regulated through compliance to the IS0/IEC 17025 specification. If the laboratory meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 then it is also compliant to ISO-9000 and QS-9000 calibration requirements.

Q- Why do I need calibration?

A- To insure the conformity of the tool or gauge to produce the proper end results. Use of tools changes preload pressures as designed, improper handling or care can cause tool inaccuracies, hydraulic pressures will change with use, dies will eventually wear or may be misaligned. General maintenance and calibration is necessary to help preclude product liability and provide confidence that the tool will perform properly on a daily basis.

Q- What Tools need to be calibrated?

A- Precision, non- precision or super-precision measuring tools and gauges, all types of mechanical hand crimp tools, hydraulic crimp tools pump or battery operated, dies, hydraulic pumps, plug gages, pin locator gages, DMM'S, torque wrenches etc.

Q- What is frequency of calibration?

A- The frequency of calibration is the time period between calibrations. Frequency or "cycle" of calibration is usually determined by use, abrasive atmospheres, wear, type of instrument or gage, accuracy of tool or gage, handling, environment and other conditions that could cause inaccuracy in measurement or performance. General rule of thumb is a frequency of one year is initially established and then as indicated by the calibrated data the frequency may be lengthened or shortened in order to provide the necessary performance protection.


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